Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Missing XODP Post 2408

ODP's Censors Emboldened at Wikipedia

In a previous XODP post, I noted, "The only people who still believe in ODP as some sort of force for good and/or positive change are those who are still on the inside and are unwilling to face the fact that ODP is, at best, an ongoing conspiracy of ignorance and incompetence. The only question that remains is whether that conspiracy will spread to other volunteer communities like Wikipedia." (See < http://groups.yahoo.com/group/xodp/message/2359 >.) Although I did not know it at the time, that ended up being my swan song when it came to opposing ODP's censors in their ongoing attempts to remove any and all criticism of ODP from Wikipedia. The only reason that my opposition lasted as long as it did was because I wanted to see how Wikipedia as an institution would respond to said censors. Because I was too busy addressing the needs of my paying clients to monitor the status of Wikipedia's article on ODP, I got my answer by default: The only way that any article at Wikipedia can withstand the onslaught of would-be censors is if an active Wikipedian has a vested interested in opposing said censors, which I do not.

Giving the devil her due, it was Jean Manco (aka ODP Meta Editor jeanmanco < http://dmoz.org/profiles/jeanmanco.html >) who first corrupted Wikipedia's ODP article back in late May 2005 without generating an appropriate response from me. However, Keith Tipton (aka XODP Meta Editor kctipton < http://dmoz.org/profiles/kctipton.html >) has now picked up the book-burning torch and begun to run with it, and it should now be apparent to all parties concerned that Keith and his ODP cronies will encounter no opposition from me in their ongoing attempts to censor Wikipedia's article on ODP. Rather, I am content to use XODP as a vehicle for commenting on their antics.

Up to now, Keith and his fellow ODP censors have been frustrated by my reversions of their biased edits to the ODP article, but now I intend to leave quality control of that article to one of the many Wikipedia committees who have a vested interest in the success of Wikipedia. The rationale behind my decision not to engage ODP's censors is narrated in the post referenced at the beginning of this post: Nobody of import really takes ODP seriously anymore. This fact was driven home by many of the people I met at SES San Jose 2005 who referred me to various forums where ODP is routinely being bashed. (See, e.g., < http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?p=272804#post272804 >.)

Humbly Yours,

XODP Moderator netesq


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