Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Missing XODP Post 2420

Threadwatch Feedback from ODP Censors

A recent post at Threadwatch entitled, "ODP Censors Run Amok at Wikipedia" (< http://www.threadwatch.org/node/3472 >) featured my previous XODP post entitled, "ODP's Censors Emboldened at Wikipedia, and both Jean Manco (aka XODP Editall jeanmanco < http://dmoz.org/profiles/jeanmanco.html >) and Keith Tipton (aka XODP Meta Editor kctipton < http://dmoz.org/profiles/kctipton.html >) responded there. To wit, XODP Editall jeanmanco wrote:

<< Thanks for letting me know that I'm now the victim of a personal vendetta. >>

Don't flatter yourself, princess. And don't be so fast and loose with your terminology. To wit, not only am I *NOT* on a "vendetta" against you, I decided that it was a fool's errand to police your clearly biased editing at Wikipedia - this after directing your attention to Wikipedia's NPOV policy < http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Neutral_point_of_view > and asking you to respect it and follow it, only to be rebuffed by your embryonic attempts at logic and critical thinking, which I found to be an insult to my intelligence. And as I am wont to say, I am under no obligation to save anyone from his or her ignorance, nor do I have any desire to do so, so let the quality control powers that be at Wikipedia deal with the ignorance and incompetence that ODP's clue-impaired cheerleaders are now exporting.

If you want to see a clear and obvious example of an unprovoked personal vendetta, then take a look at Mike Mackin (aka ODP Editor mackin < http://dmoz.org/profiles/mackin.html >). I've never met the man, nor to the best of my recollection have I ever engaged him in an online debate, although I did have a passing acquaintance with him online during my time as a moderator at the short-lived run of the now defunct SearchEngineDiscussion forum. And yet, totally out of the blue, Mr. Mackin invoked my name at Threadwatch several months ago in the context of the need for a "preban" policy - i.e., in the very same forum where XODP Editall jeanmanco and XODP Meta Editor kctipton are attempting to defend their clearly biased Wikipedia editing. And yet I hold no ill will towards Mr. Mackin. Rather, I am flattered that he considers me so noteworthy, although such flattery is mitigated by the fact that most people who gossip about me usually turn out to be losers with lives that are so mediocre and tragic that they must involve themselves in mine.

As for XODP Meta Editor kctipton, . . well, let's just say that nothing moderates like empathy, and I believe that said self-proclaimed horse's ass has bitten off much more than he can chew at Wikipedia. I say this as someone who learned early on that there is no profit in quality control at Wikipedia. As such, whenever I encounter someone who challenges my contributions to Wikipedia, I limit my contributions on the articles in question to the associated "Talk" pages. The ODP article was the last exception to that rule, and I gave up the ghost in re that article back in late May of 2005.

I think Keith will have much more trouble than I did coming to terms with the lack of quality control at Wikipedia because - unlike ODP or the ODP Editor "Resource Zone" - Wikipedia is not an authoritarian command and control subculture where someone can jump into bed with the oligarchical powers that be. Rather, any Lilliputian with Internet access and a wild hair up his or her rectum is free to revert Keith's work at Wikipedia, and there are quite a few XODP editors to there who will not let ODP's party line go unchallenged at Wikipedia.

Humbly Yours,

XODP Moderator netesq


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