Sunday, December 11, 2005

Anonymous XODPers

XODP Yahoo! eGroups Poster Polecat writes:
<< I've never heard an argument in favor of anonymous posting that I agreed with. >>
The ability to speak one's mind under the protection of a nom de plume is one of the hallmarks of free speech, as evidenced by The Federalist Papers. Specifically, whistleblowers, human rights workers, and other champions of truth and justice often speak anonymously rather than put their lives and the lives of those they love at risk. Even so, making a statement and signing your byline to it can say quite a bit about your character, particularly when your critics hide behind their own nom de plumes for all the wrong reasons.

Polecat also wrote:
<< How is it that one's post is determined to be anonymous? . . . [I]s this anonymity a function of the XODP member's subscription preferences? >>
To a large degree, anonymity on the XODP Yahoo! eGroup is a function of the various members' subscription preferences. However, as it stands right now, anyone can post anonymously to the XODP Yahoo! eGroup by simply e-mailing the appropriate address. That policy will be changed in a matter of days, if not hours, as I stated in my previous post on this topic, and (after that time) only members will be allowed to post messages on the XODP Yahoo! eGroup, so anonymity there will be subject to the vagaries of the Yahoo! Terms of Service.


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