Sunday, December 11, 2005

XODP Blog Mailing List, Sitefeed, and Content Aggregators

MPDoyle wrote:
<< I have no problem navigating to the Blog site when I am motivated to post, I just fail to navigate there to read. If your list server will distribute to me, then please add me to the list server . . . and remove me . . . from the Yahoo group. >>
I added you to the XODP Blog mailing list, so you should get a copy of this blog post in your mailbox. However, it would be a little premature for me to remove you from the XODP Yahoo! eGroup, as there are still XODPers posting there. As such, I modified your preferences so that you will still receive a daily digest from the eGroup, which will include duplicates of XODP Blog posts that I repost to the eGroup, but will not include duplicates of comments and trackback links that are the province of the blog.
<< I will go to XODP.Org and register with the Blog . . . (This will probably automatically add my address to the blog's mail list server's data base, eh?) >>
Actually, blogs are proprietary. It sounds like what you probably want to do is set up a content aggregrator and subscribe to the XODP Blog sitefeed using something like FeedReader. And if you are anything like any of the other people that I have introduced to blogs and content aggregators, you are going to become much less interested in your e-mail.


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