Sunday, December 11, 2005

Yahoo XODP and XODP Blog

XODP Poster Polecat wrote::
<< From past experience, I know that I will not navigate to a web blog to read the daily traffic. Does this XODP blog have the capacity to distribute a daily digest? >>
In a word, yes. However, when given a choice, the vast majority of people who follow blogs opt for a syndicated content feed (such as RSS) in lieu of receiving e-mail because a syndicated content feed is by its very nature completely spam free.
<< Will Yahoo.XODP be retained for that purpose? >>
In a word, yes. Unless and until it becomes clear to me that absolutely no one is using the XODP Yahoo! eGroup, I will continue to repost my articles from the XODP Blog to the XODP Yahoo! eGroup. However, there may be some comments left on the XODP Blog that will not lend themselves to reposting as well as "trackback links" that will direct people to posts on other blogs that reference posts on the XODP blog. These trackback links are one of the major advantages that blogs have over mailing lists.
<< How do Yahoo and the blog share info? >>
One of the features that blogs have is the ability to e-mail posts and comments to a designated e-mail address, and I had hoped to simply have all XODP blog posts automatically forwarded to the XODP Yahoo! eGroup. However, the e-mails were not getting through from the XODP blog to the XODP Yahoo! eGroup, so I started forwarding blog e-mails from my Yahoo! e-mail account to the XODP Yahoo! eGroup. I have also set up a mailing list that will forward XODP Blog posts and comments via e-mail to anyone and everyone who wants them.


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