Sunday, September 04, 2005

Another Way to Help Gulf Coast Victims

Ryan Patrick Sharpe of the Get-Well Gamers Foundation posted an interesting followup comment on the Survival of New Orleans Blog:

According to the Red Cross, they're expecting 5,000 refugees in El Paso shelters in the coming days, many of them children. After hearing of what our charity does, the Red Cross has asked us for any kind of entertainment we could provide- video games, DVDs, anything to help these poor people escape their shattered lives for a little while.

Urgent Needs Still Unmet in New Orleans

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Full Service Restored to the XODP Blog

I Suspected That . . . Full Service Would Be Restored . . .

See I posted anonymously so as not to divert attention and/or traffic from the Survival of New Orleans Blog. Simply put, while I am glad to see my website services restored, I remain much more concerned about the many people in the Gulf Coast region who are still in desperate need of rescue, medical attention, food and water, shelter, etc.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Help Finally Arrives in New Orleans

See Hopefully, the same can be said for the other people and communities along the Gulf Coast who have been waiting for help to arrive for the last 4 days.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

New Orleans Disaster Takes Out the XODP Blog

The XODP Blog is hosted by a service that operates out of New Orleans, but up until today -- Thursday September 1st, 2005 -- my hosting service had proven itself to be both hurricane- and flood-proof. Even so, when I checked my e-mail this afternoon at about 2pm PDT, I found that my website monitoring service had notified me twice that the XODP Blog was suffering from interruptions in service. Truth be told, I couldn't care less about the status of my websites: Right now, my thoughts and prayers are with my friends in New Orleans as well as being with everyone else who is suffering the wrath of Hurricane Katrina.

For more information about the current situation in New Orleans, point your browser at The Interdictor.